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About Prudent Paraplanning Services

Blake Ellis DipFA CeFA

Director & Technical Paraplanner

I've always had a natural interest in processes, fortunately, i've also been curious and tried to find ways in which these processes and outcomes could  be improved. Financial planning and paraplanning are no different.



We provide a friendly, dedicated and professional service to clients covering all aspects of financial planning.

When deciding on a name, it was only right that the name of the business should mirror our outlook, Prudent Paraplanning was born. I felt this matched the ethos of the company and what better way to provide a Paraplanning service that would be done with care, giving advisers the high calibre service they require. Utilising the latest technological software and having a multi faceted approach to solving financial planning issues.

Favourite Book: Capital in the Twenty First Century.

Interests: History, Economics, Sports


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