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Conversation between Colleagues

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How can Prudent Paraplanning help my IFA practice?

A: We aim to fit into the framework of your company, providing you with professional support where you need it, therefore offering a flexible service. This can vary from full paraplanning support to just one of our services. 


Q: Are your fees fixed?

A: Yes, we charge a fixed fee for our services provided to your company, enabling you to know any costs upfront.


Q: I need support around suitability report templates, can you help me with these?

A: We have a wide range of templates currently in use, but can also create one to fit your specific needs to fit the style you wish to portray to your clients. We could even restructure a new report template for you or we can use ours or an amalgamation of the two.


Q: We would like to use our own templates for our suitability reports. Are you able to use ours?

A: Yes, we can continue to use your templates, the main priority of course is that it reads well and is compliant.

Q: What areas of financial planning do you have experience in?

A: My experience encompasses all areas of financial planning,  across all client types but predominantly those who are High Net Worth and Pensions and Retirement planning, Investment planning and Estate planning.

Q: What services do you offer?

A: We offer a range of services to support the recommendations you have provided to a client. Whether these are written, such as suitability reports and MIFID II compliant annual review letters for your existing clients or more technical such as cashflow modelling and research and analysis, we are able to support you, a broader list of these services is listed on our website and if you have a requirement which is not listed please let us know.


Q: What are some of the other services you offer?

A: Some of the other services we offer in all of the work we carry out on your behalf is a 2nd opinion, acting as a sounding board and technical support, this provides you with the assurance that we are consistently adding value to your advice, proposition and overall quality.

Q: Do you offer a retainer service?

A: Yes, we have a retainer service and an ad hoc service which we offer clients, how you work with us is completely up to you.


Q: Can you use our software?


A: Yes.


Q: Do you have your own software?


A: Yes, Prudent Paraplanning uses a variety of software but we are able to use yours where required.


Q: We like to send reports to our clients prior to our meeting, to give them extra time to understand and ask more questions about my advice before making a decision. What is the turnaround for the work carried out for my client?

A: Turnaround for clients is efficient, clients tend to receive suitability reports and analysis within 4 working days (after all necessary information has been provided), those of a complex nature may take longer, but our goal is to retain a quick turnaround time, to improve our service.

Q: How do you comply with Data Protection?

A: Prudent Paraplanning is registered with the Information Commissioners office and take Data Protection seriously.


Q: What information do you need to produce your report writing and other services?

A: The more information provided the better, but aims and objectives, Policy information, Notes, Fact finds and Attitude to Risk and soft facts should suffice.


Q: How do you ensure the data being sent is safe?

A: All data is sent securely using secure file sharing software to ensure that the information we are sending to each other is not compromised.


I trust the above has been informative. Get in touch to find out how we can provide support to your practice, make you more efficient and add value to your business  with our bespoke, outsourced paraplanning service here at Prudent Paraplanning.

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