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Our Commitment

There is a big shift in the direction of financial services right now, regulation is becoming more onerous, running an IFA business is becoming more time consuming and there are so many other changes being enforced, such as SM&CR, Brexit and more which will have an impact, taking up even more valuable time of IFA’s. As a result, the focus of advisers is being dragged in different directions, with a constant worry on whether time is spent working on operations, compliance, recruitment, business development, we haven’t even mentioned advising and looking after existing clients yet.

How are firms meant to operate and establish a focus on their clients? This is where Prudent Paraplanning steps in.

Our business exists to enhance not only the proposition of our Financial Planner/Adviser clients, helping them to work efficiently and spend more time doing what they’re good at but the end consumer who will be able to better understand the methodology and reasoning behind the recommendations due to the time you are able to spend with them and the technical support we provide. This inevitably gives the client conviction in their actions and ultimately confidence in the advice being received.

Our commitment to our clients is to:

· Maintain professional standards

· Provide a friendly and professional service

· Work in an ethical manner

· Be clear and transparent

· Carry out all work to a high level

· Add value to your proposition

· Work with your team to enable your business to work more efficiently



M: 07929 665228

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