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Why outsource to Prudent Paraplanning?

There are many reasons to outsource. Perhaps you are the sole Financial Adviser in a firm, or you have a small team and it is not quite cost effective to bring in another employee. Perhaps you like the support function and expertise that an outsourced paraplanning firm like Prudent Paraplanning are able to offer. Below I have outlined a few reasons as to why you should outsource to Prudent Paraplanning.

Reduce your costs and improve profitability.

At Prudent Paraplanning, you will only pay us for the work we carry out as we charge a fixed fee for our services. This means you know the exact costs of utilising our wide range of services and all work carried out.

This may also prove cost effective compared to using a Paraplanner employed by yourselves. Where, for example, your costs would be upwards of £40,000. Add in Employer National Insurance Contributions at £4,328 and Workplace Pension costs of £1,200, this is a total cost of £45,528. Of course, this does not include the further expenses associated with employees such as bonuses, sick pay, Life Cover or training and CPD.

Using us may also be cost effective if you do not always have enough workflow for your paraplanners to be busy all of the time. Or, it may be that you already have one Paraplanner, even a team of Paraplanners, but occasionally they need more support during busy periods or for other projects where we can offer our services.

Free up your time

If you are a Financial Planner who carries out paraplanning activities, why not use your time more wisely and be more efficient in writing and developing more business, working and building relationships with clients, whilst letting us do the time exhaustive functions for you. Overtime, this will have a compounding effect on the number of clients you can see, business you write and ultimately, profit.

We are flexible and open minded

We are a forward thinking, flexible company and we are able to adapt quickly to changes. This will include adopting the framework of your firm and how you work with our company to provide you with the support you need.


Our goal is to demonstrate to you the real value of a Paraplanner and what real paraplanning is! We want to show you the benefits of using us and how to get the most out of our services. Through the services we carry out for our clients, we act as a sounding board, offering a second opinion on a financial plan or investment strategy, so you’re never wondering “I wonder if this would work?”, with your best interests at heart. Offering relative feedback and sharing ideas, resulting in better results for your clients.


We are highly efficient and have a respectable turnaround time for producing our work. The average turnaround time is usually four working days after we have received all documentation. Turnaround time may take slightly longer for work of a complex nature.


The majority of our expertise lies with high net worth clients, within pensions and retirement followed by investment and estate planning. We have a wide and varied client bank working with small to medium firms. We draw upon the experiences of many and utilise this to support your clients.

We are shaking up the paraplanning profession. If you want an edge in advising your clients, please get in touch!

07929 665228

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